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Steven Ellis steven at openmedia.co.nz
Wed Feb 7 04:06:42 UTC 2007

On Wed, February 7, 2007 3:30 pm, Chris Pinkham wrote:
> * On Tue Feb 06, 2007 at 10:41:19PM +0100, usleepless at gmail.com wrote:
>> he is just informing if someone has looked into at it already.
> This isn't the first time.  It's becoming a bit annoying to me as well.
> Maybe I'm a bit sensitive since I'm one of the developers, but to have
someone keep coming onto the -dev and -users list asking questions to
support his business is a bit annoying.

I'm sorry if it appears that i'm after a free lunch here. I am trying to
both advocate the use of MythTV, work with the community, and earn a
crust. Sadly at the moment i'm a very long way from the last part when it
comes to selling MythTV.

> This quote is from one of his other recent posts:
>   "So who can I work with to get this going once they start the
>    data streams.."

Sorry what was wrong with my comment here?

1. There are no current data streams, but I'm talking to the local
broadcaster (TVNZ) to get early access.

2. I'm not after someone to do the work for me, just would like to know
who can help point me in the right direction. Any patches/fixes will
always be contributed back. Just like the work on the web based remote
control - See http://openmedia.co.nz/openmedia/content/view/68/54/.

3. Once this works all NZ MythTV useds will benefit, not just my

> Maybe something is getting lost in the translation or something, but
with comments like that, it isn't hard to see why Isaac and others
(myself included) would have a little bit of an attitude.  Sometimes it
seems like the MythTV mailing lists are being used as their second or
third tier of tech support for his business.
>> jeez. give the guy a break / a chance.
> It's a pattern, search for his posts in the mailing list archives.  He's
come in several times asking questions in support of or wanting features
for his business/customers.

I'm asking for these on behalf of my customers. Most of my customers have
no idea what a mailing list is, never mind deal with tools like Trac. For
example having DVB-S Radio isn't going to help me sell a lot more units,
but I have a couple of customers who would really like this feature to
work better. Am I supposed to say "Sorry but you will have to ask the
MythTV mailing list for help"?

>> just what i would have expected though. do you think this is a
>> positive/inspiring attitude? read in.
> If someone is making money off of Myth, they can hire their own tech
support and developers.  Coming onto the MythTV developers mailing list
and asking who is going to help implement some new feature to help his
business is a bit presumptuous and arrogant.

At the moment I an the tech for the company. I developed the product, I
debug it, and I support it. I also Q/A patches and fixes from the MythTV
community and work with the MythTV mailing list here in NZ to help general
MythTV users get the same functionality as my own boxes. We also did a big
consumer show were we in no way hid the fact that we use Linux and MythTV
unlike some other companies who hide the fact that they use MythTV.

I also worked with Hans Verkil on some ivtv fixes that we desperately
needed but that benefited all users of the ivtv driver. That
development/debugging/testing took easily 50+ Hours of my own time but
didn't really help me sell a lot more units.

> Regarding this thread, one would hope that the "Technical Director" of a
business selling Myth boxes would have heard of the keys.txt file to
> about the F1 key, but I guess not.  No, it's not implemented everywhere,
and won't be till someone steps up to the plate to take care of it, but
coming onto the -dev list and essentially asking for is a bit annoying.
The subject is "Request: MythHelp", not "Idea: MythHelp" or similar.

The subject from my customer was "Where is MythHelp" hence the subject.
I'll consider my wording in future. Also it should be noted that the F1
key doesn't work everywhere. There is a single F1 reference in keys.txt
and I'd hardly call the following a description of help

Watch Recordings Screen

- "1" or F1 to get a popup on the meaning of the icons

As to ongoing MythTV development, I would be more than happy to start
funding or assisting some of the developers if I was making any money at
all out of this. Trying to compete against the might of M$ here in NZ is
an uphill battle.

One of the most requested featured off customers is MythGallery +
MythMusic at the same time, all because MCE has it. I have some potential
customers who would buy units if I had this feature. Sadly there isn't
enough money in it to put up a bounty for the development of the feature
at this stage.


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