[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #3035: 1080i source material playback results in solid blue video with Via-XvMC

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Wed Feb 7 04:05:52 UTC 2007

R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Peter Schade wrote:
>> I think i readed somewhere the unichrome chipset only supports up to 
>> 1024x1024. Perhaps thats the problem?
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>> #3035: 1080i source material playback results in solid blue video with 
>> Via-XvMC
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>> Changes (by midl_man at yahoo.com):
>>   * keywords:  => 1080i via xvmc blue
>> Comment:
>>  The same problem occurs when using minimyth (linpvr.org) on this hardware
>>  so it's not a FC6 specific issue either.
>>  If it would help, I can get provide a small 1080i source clip (although
>>  even a short 5 second clip will be about 10MB).
> Going from memory as I'm typing this lying in bed..
> Since the OP is using via-xvmc, he has a via chipset, and that is the 
> problem..
> The CN400/VT6123 chipset can do 1024x1024 TV out. But most boards with 
> the VT6123 such as the SP13000 only have S-video out and may not 
> properly do even that. I forget what the limit of S-video is. 720x480 is 
> fine.
> The CN400 chipset (VGA) out can do much better. Exactly what I do not 
> recall, but iirc, 1920x1080 is possible, although possibly frame rate 
> limited.
> I do know that the SP13000 can drive a 1920x1080 native resolution LCD 
> (Dell 2407FPW..just received ..awesome!) but I have not yet figured out 
> how to play my 3 bits of HD content: SD only. OTOH, I can report that 
> the scaling circuitry works fine.
> The VT6125 TV encoder chip is supposed to do HD levels...But so far 
> there are no drivers capable of dealing with it. Openchrome is working 
> on that, The CN700 series chipset may also be crippled in other ways 
> too, and it is unlikely that such a board will ever do HD.
> Moreover, the LVDS/DVI daughterboard available for some of the Via 
> motherboards, may not reach HD resolutions either, as it does not have 
> the bandwidth capability needed.
> All of these facts are disclosed on the Via website. Unfortunately, not 
> in any easy to find and easily comprehensible manner.
> So this is an invalid myth bug. As the actress said to the drunken 
> sailor, 'that's a real hardware problem'.
> Geoff

I would agree except that 1080i clips that do not play in Myth play in 
Xine on the same VIA EPIA SP8000E hardware. As you said, the VIA EPIA SP 
can output 1920x1080 through VGA. In addition, the CN400 can decode 
1080i and 720p MPEG2 video. It is rather stupid that the DVI cannot 
output either a 1080i or 720p.

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