[mythtv] A few patches...(#4184 Auto restart mythbackend mythtv-setup)

Matthew Wire devel at mrwire.co.uk
Fri Dec 28 12:55:59 UTC 2007

>> #4184 Auto restart mythbackend mythtv-setup
>> (http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/4184):
>> This patch modifies functionality of the backend reconnect method so
>> that
>> it reconnects as soon as the connection becomes available and makes the
>> user aware that it is trying to connect.
>> Mythtv-setup is also modified so that it can autorun mythfilldatabase if
>> desired and asks the user if they wish to stop the backend while running
>> mythtv-setup.  If it is not running it will not be restarted
>> automatically.
>> This allows for completely remote-friendly administration of a myth
>> system!
> I noticed some bad formatting "if(",
I'll sort that :)
> but I'm also concerned about mythtv-setup shutting down or restarting a
backends, does this work properly when there are multiple backends and
If mythtv-setup is running on the master backend it stops and starts the
backend using local commands (defined in mythtv-setup through this patch -
defaulting to killall mythbackend and mythbackend).
If mythtv-setup is running on a slave backend it does not display the
dialog at all and doesn't try to stop the backend.

> And how do you make sure mythfilldatabase is run with the correct options
> '--remove-new-channels', etc.
I don't :)  But I'll take a look at how I could achieve this.
It does, however, use the setting defined in "MythFillDatabasePath" to run
mythfilldatabase so parameters could be specified here?  I have to admit
I'm not too clear on what settings people would want to run
mythfilldatabase with in this situation - I use it to clear out old epg
data periodically.

>Also, shouldn't this only be run if new sources or channels have been added?
At the moment it just asks you if you want to run it or not, leaving it up
to the user - it's just easier than having to reach for a keyboard or ssh.
(Before, it would just show you a prompt to say "you should run
mythfilldatabase", now it adds a button to run it for you).

>And, only on the master backend?
Yep.  It won't show you the message at all if you're not on the master

Thanks for the feedback Daniel.  I thought this patch would bring up a few
questions :)
Any more feedback on this one is much appreciated, my goal is to make it a
lot easier to administer using remote only and by the nature of what this
patch touches (similar in a way to the upnp discovery stuff when that went
in) I realise I won't have seen every possible setup/situation!


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