[mythtv] Channel scanning/validation in trunk (feedback post r14355)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Aug 30 22:50:15 UTC 2007

The purpose of this thread is to provide feedback on the channel
validation patch Daniel recently added to SVN trunk ([14355] , see
http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3842#comment:40).  AIUI, Daniel is
looking for feedback from users with various different configurations
before backporting the fix to 0.20.2.

Anyway, on my system using SVN trunk r14361 with pcHDTV HD-3000's with
OTA HDTV, the channel scan and "Fetch channels from listings source"
worked flawlessly.  To verify the patch works on a fresh DB, I used
"Delete all video sources" and "Delete all capture cards" to clear out
all of my current config.  Then, I added capture cards, created a video
source (using SD), configured the inputs to use the video source,
scanned for channels, then used "Fetch channels from listings source" to
associate xmltvid's with the scanner-identified channels.

Also, Steven Adeff reported that it worked for his firewire-based
setup.  http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/286476#286476

Oh, and on the wow side...  Nice work on the scanner since the last time
I used it, Daniel.  Looks good, gives good feedback, and is easy to
use.  Once I did my scan, I used "Fetch channels from listings source"
and it matched up the xmltvid's automatically (and even took care of
subchannels where the broadcaster didn't distinguish between
callsigns).  This was soooo much easier than the last time I did a
scan.  And, it was more accurate than my previous config (due to changes
by broadcasters and the fact that SD has a more accurate list of
channels available to the lineup)--almost to the point that I'd suggest
others (who know what they're doing) rescan their channels (and perhaps
provide feedback here if running SVN trunk >= r14355).  :)

Thanks, again, Daniel.  The scanner is looking good.  If the trunk
version is this nice, I can't wait to see the improvements in the
mythtv-channel-scan branch.


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