[mythtv] Accessing http://localhost:6544 crashes my backend (0.20.2)

Eloy Paris peloy at chapus.net
Thu Aug 30 02:32:34 UTC 2007

Hi Mike,

On Wed, Aug 29, 2007 at 04:26:29PM -0400, Michael T. Dean wrote:

> Myth uses libsensors to read the sensors "directly", so just having it
> installed means you're using it.  You don't have to be "running" any
> sensors stuff.

Ah okay. I thought I needed to have a sensord or some other daemon
running for Myth to use it.

In any case, I currently can't just remove the package that provides
libsensors because the mythtv-backend package depends on it. It seems
like a bug in the mythtv-backend package because there isn't there
anything that is linked with libsensors. I'll bring this up with
Christian Marillat, the maintainer of the Debian packages I'm using.
Perhaps he can remove that dependency altogether.

> I may do a patch today/tomorrow to remove the sensors (and ACPI)
> temperature code from Myth and instead use a more appropriate (and
> flexible) approach for accessing it.

Well, don't remove it just because of this particular incident,
especially because it is still not clear that there is a problem with
your code.

> (Of course, that will only affect trunk users/0.21, so I'm glad
> you got it working. Others having issues can just uninstall
> libsensors/lm-sensors.)

Yeah, I am still trying to figure out what it was. In any case it wasn't
ultra critical since everything was working with the exception of
getting backend status through MythWeb ;-)

Anyway, thanks a bunch for taking the time to read the noise.



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