[mythtv] [PATCH] Ticket #3598 MythFrontend doesn't work with some sound systems

David George david at thegeorges.us
Tue Aug 28 18:16:26 UTC 2007

On 08/28/2007 07:15 AM, Stuart Morgan wrote:
> On Tuesday 28 August 2007 10:46:19 Colin Guthrie wrote:
>> Wade Berrier wrote:
>>> Would someone mind committing the patch attached to this ticket?
>>> The patch is relatively simple, and has been verified by several people.
> It's waiting to be reviewed by a developer who knows the ALSA api, or is at 
> least prepared to read up on it.
> There are plenty of patches in trac, all of them have to be reviewed and the 
> order in which that happens entirely depends on the interests of the devs. If 
> none of the devs are experiencing the non-mmap problems, then reading up on 
> Alsa in order to properly review this patch isn't going to be a high 
> priority.
> How many people who aren't having problems have tested the patch? Has it been 
> verified by a few people who aren't having any ALSA problems currently? I'd 
> be more concerned that it breaks things for the majority if I were to even 
> consider committing it without full review.
I did a lot of the work on the alsa code to get it working better for 
playing HDTV material and I also wrote the volume control code for the 
alsa module.  The "fallback 2" patch looks good to me, but I won't have 
time in the next few days to install it on my test systems and try it 
out.  Perhaps this weekend.


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