[mythtv] [PATCH] Ticket #3598 MythFrontend doesn't work with some sound systems

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Tue Aug 28 21:36:50 UTC 2007

Wade Berrier wrote:
> For me, it's worked for 3 different soundcards.  Meaning, ALSA worked
> without the patch.  With the patch, native alsa worked, as well as the
> pulseaudio alsa plugin.
> Anyone else?

I've tested it only on one system - my EPIA m10k. The patch I tried was

Without the patch ALSA works fine, but Pulse borks badly.

With the patch native ALSA continues to work fine, but Pulse (via ALSA
plugin) also works fine.

I did not check that in the native ALSA case, post patch that mmap was
definitely being used, so I cannot verify this 100%. Certainly nothing
bad happened for me.

The patch doesn't seem too crazy, even without knowing anything about
ALSA personally. Perhaps it's going to be one of these patches that has
to be push-tested - e.g. committed and forced on ppl who will then
complain if something breaks... this change could be easily reverted if
needs be and it would mean more patches of this ilk could go in. Anyone
with commit access could give this the quick once over for standard
stuff, like memleaks etc. then accept that the person supplying the
patch knows his/her stuff and commit the change.

If there is any fallout I'm sure Wade would not mind commenting and
potentially fixing any issues.

My €0.02



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