[mythtv] I'm back

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Sun Aug 19 05:36:21 UTC 2007

David Abrahams wrote:
> After a long hiatus, with my MacOSX mythtv installation having
> suffered some bitrot and gone nonfunctional on me, I decided to try
> rebuilding it using osx-packager.pl
> Getting everything (frontend and backend) built was only a very small
> ordeal ;-).  Two issues came up, FWIW:
>   * symlinks in $PREFIX/lib sometimes inexplicably ended up pointing
>     nowhere (i.e. ls -l just showed a right arrow with no target) and
>     worse yet, a second run wouldn't fix it because these ghost links
>     are immune to deletion by ln -fs.  Removing them by hand worked.
>   * I had to manually copy the AVCVideoServices framework into all the
>     bundles.  It looks like there are some lines in makebundle.sh you
>     can uncomment (and edit to update the framework version) to get
>     the same effect.
> My current problem is that, even though MythFillDatabase runs and I
> can watch get info from Zap2It and insert information into the
> database (with -v all), I have nothing in my program guide in
> MythFrontend.  Can anyone offer a hint about what's up?
> I've contributed some code in the past and I'm reporting bugs in this
> message, so I thought this might be the appropriate venue, but please,
> if you feel this is really a mythtv-users post, do let me know
> (politely).

Whenever I have had a 'no information' situation, it has been because 
the channel info in myth did not match with zap2it or I had not yet 
filled in the xmltvid. You did not say whether you restored the database 
or started from scratch. If you restored you should check the 
information using mythtv-setup, then go into the frontend and try 
Live-TV, and edit/probe the channels (use 'E'). If the channel names are 
different, this can be tricky however.

You may have to do some mysql table thumping....


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