[mythtv] I'm back

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Sun Aug 19 02:13:08 UTC 2007

After a long hiatus, with my MacOSX mythtv installation having
suffered some bitrot and gone nonfunctional on me, I decided to try
rebuilding it using osx-packager.pl

Getting everything (frontend and backend) built was only a very small
ordeal ;-).  Two issues came up, FWIW:

  * symlinks in $PREFIX/lib sometimes inexplicably ended up pointing
    nowhere (i.e. ls -l just showed a right arrow with no target) and
    worse yet, a second run wouldn't fix it because these ghost links
    are immune to deletion by ln -fs.  Removing them by hand worked.

  * I had to manually copy the AVCVideoServices framework into all the
    bundles.  It looks like there are some lines in makebundle.sh you
    can uncomment (and edit to update the framework version) to get
    the same effect.

My current problem is that, even though MythFillDatabase runs and I
can watch get info from Zap2It and insert information into the
database (with -v all), I have nothing in my program guide in
MythFrontend.  Can anyone offer a hint about what's up?

I've contributed some code in the past and I'm reporting bugs in this
message, so I thought this might be the appropriate venue, but please,
if you feel this is really a mythtv-users post, do let me know


Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

The Astoria Seminar ==> http://www.astoriaseminar.com

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