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James Buckley xanium4332 at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 10 09:19:01 UTC 2007

On 10/08/07, Ilya V. Ivanchenko <iva2k at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Old subject Re: mythtv-vid branch needs testing (ubuntu debs)
> > James Buckley wrote:
> > Do your ubuntuized debs include any/all the mythplugins(mythmovies?),
> > because thats what I found the hardest. It's cool that you preserved
> > all the helper scripts.
> >
> > Do you have any kind of log that shows how you modified/created your
> > current debs fron ubuntu's official ones. I'd like to see how you
> > handled the changes that have occurred to myth(i.e. did you just fix
> > problems that prevented them from building, or did you include any
> > extra functionality which has been brought into myth (that might
> > require a flag on ./configure etc..)).
> I wrote a README, finished merge with mythbuntu-trunk changes (courtesy
> of Michael Haas), and made a tarball. It all builds with svn 14158.
> Anyone interested please take a look at the file (see link below) - I
> hope that it will be usefull to some people.
> Best if it will end up in mythtv SVN so others can contribute to
> maintaining it and keeping it up to date, especially when files are
> added/deleted or moved around in svn. I made a script that will check
> out trunk, put debian in it and build the whole suite in hopes that it
> will be eventually used to setup nightly builds. Great project like
> mythtv deserves maturity level when redundand things like builds and
> packages are automated and errors are posted immediately, so source
> tree can be kept in tip-top shape. This way it will have more
> attributes of success and guess what - success will follow.
> To answer your questions, I indicated the steps I made in the README.
> All plugins that I know of build OK, including new plugins (mythmovies
> & mythzoneminder), but I did not test new ones at all, and did very
> limited tests on the whole suite. Thats where community could pick it
> up, since I will not have time to maintain it. Again, it will be great
> if it gets checkedd into svn. Perhaps one of developers can see to
> that.  I've created http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3812 with tarball
> attached to facilitate it.
> The tarball can also be found here:
>   http://ilya.homeip.net/files/mythtv/iva2k-mythtv-debscripts.tar.bz2
> Quick synopsys for those who did not follow this discussion:
> iva2k-mythtv-debscripts.tar.bz2 contains ubuntu-based scripts for
> building .deb packages and automatic script for building whole suite of
> mythtv from svn/trunk. It is as-is work, which is known to build 14158.
> Let me and others know what does work and does not work for you by
> posting back to mythtv-dev at mythtv.org, but don't expect any fixes from
> me.
> And BTW, let's change subject from "mythtv-vid branch needs testing"
> since this thread has nothing to do with it. New subject should be
> "Ubuntu debs"
> --
> Ilya

So at the moment I guess your scripts can build either trunk or -vid. I hope
it ends up in SVN, that way it will be kept up-to-date. Even if it's only
used by developers, it's nice to have clean installs/uninstalls.

Thanks a lot, James
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