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Ilya V. Ivanchenko iva2k at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 10 05:12:47 UTC 2007

Old subject Re: mythtv-vid branch needs testing (ubuntu debs)

> James Buckley wrote:
> Do your ubuntuized debs include any/all the mythplugins(mythmovies?),
> because thats what I found the hardest. It's cool that you preserved 
> all the helper scripts.
> Do you have any kind of log that shows how you modified/created your 
> current debs fron ubuntu's official ones. I'd like to see how you 
> handled the changes that have occurred to myth(i.e. did you just fix 
> problems that prevented them from building, or did you include any 
> extra functionality which has been brought into myth (that might 
> require a flag on ./configure etc..)).

I wrote a README, finished merge with mythbuntu-trunk changes (courtesy
of Michael Haas), and made a tarball. It all builds with svn 14158.
Anyone interested please take a look at the file (see link below) - I
hope that it will be usefull to some people. 

Best if it will end up in mythtv SVN so others can contribute to
maintaining it and keeping it up to date, especially when files are
added/deleted or moved around in svn. I made a script that will check
out trunk, put debian in it and build the whole suite in hopes that it
will be eventually used to setup nightly builds. Great project like
mythtv deserves maturity level when redundand things like builds and
packages are automated and errors are posted immediately, so source
tree can be kept in tip-top shape. This way it will have more
attributes of success and guess what - success will follow.

To answer your questions, I indicated the steps I made in the README.
All plugins that I know of build OK, including new plugins (mythmovies
& mythzoneminder), but I did not test new ones at all, and did very
limited tests on the whole suite. Thats where community could pick it
up, since I will not have time to maintain it. Again, it will be great
if it gets checkedd into svn. Perhaps one of developers can see to
that.  I've created http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3812 with tarball
attached to facilitate it.

The tarball can also be found here:


Quick synopsys for those who did not follow this discussion:
iva2k-mythtv-debscripts.tar.bz2 contains ubuntu-based scripts for
building .deb packages and automatic script for building whole suite of
mythtv from svn/trunk. It is as-is work, which is known to build 14158.

Let me and others know what does work and does not work for you by
posting back to mythtv-dev at mythtv.org, but don't expect any fixes from

And BTW, let's change subject from "mythtv-vid branch needs testing"
since this thread has nothing to do with it. New subject should be
"Ubuntu debs"


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