[mythtv] mythtv-vid branch needs testing

James Buckley xanium4332 at googlemail.com
Sat Aug 4 19:28:08 UTC 2007

On 03/08/07, Daniel Kristjansson <danielk at cuymedia.net> wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-08-03 at 16:16 -0400, hendrixski at storsint.com wrote:
> > :-) There would be two ways to ensure testers get the most up-to-date
> > patches via debian packages.
> >
> > 1) Make a script that compiles and debianizes the latest svn every night
> > then posts it on the repository (not advisable).
> >
> > 2) Make a script that converts the patches to dpatches and inserts them
> > into the deb, then post that deb on the repository every night.  (this
> > way if someone suspects that a patch caused more bugs, they can just
> > remove one line of code from debian/patches/00patch, run debuild -S, run
> > dpkg -i mythtv-latest.deb, and they've uninstalled the patch, and can
> > test run without it).
> >
> > Would that increase the number of people who can test the latest, most
> > up-to-date patches?  After all, with enough eyeballs all bugs are
> shallow.
> I don't want everyone to test a patch for tester X, just tester X.
> When I write a debug patch it may very well break important things,
> such as playback of video, but it will help reveal the problem that
> the tester experienced. I may at the same time have a patch for
> tester Y and and another for tester Z, none of which are compatible.
> If someone can't be bothered to compile MythTV then I'm afraid they
> are unlikely to put in the time required to figure out the cause of
> a bug so it can be fixed, nor are they likely to even know how to
> apply a patch. When someone tells me they applied a patch and got
> a certain result, when in fact they failed to apply the patch or
> failed to compile or failed to install the updated software, then
> this sends me looking for the problem elsewhere, wasting time that
> could be spent solving problems.
> -- Daniel

I see your point on the debs, however I personally like the helper scripts
and etc.. that come with the ubuntu ones (a year on Gentoo has worn away at
my 'configure-everything-yourself' section of my brain, hopefully it should
regenerate though :P). There's also no point if it's going to get merged so
soon, I thought it the -vid branch was going to be around for a while longer
(like Compiz Fusion, where at the moment you can get daily builds for the
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