[mythtv] "New" default keybindings

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Apr 24 15:09:51 UTC 2007

On 04/23/2007 06:51 PM, Robin Gilks wrote:
>> Would changing RegisterKey() (to do a conflict check and use a blank
>> keylist if one is found) be a good thing or are we relying on the users
>> to see the conflict messages and fix their bindings themselves?
> Where would the conflict message appear - if its only in the log, what
> action when starting this new version will alert the user the look in the
> log apart from the PLAY key not working as expected (assuming they have an
> expection for this extra keybinding at all!!)

If they're expecting to use the keybinding, they'll notice it doesn't 
work (or one they were using doesn't work) and they'll check the logs.  
Most users, however, will never notice the missing keybindings (see 
below).  I'm not trying to alert them, I'm simply trying to prevent them 
from getting broken data in the database.

> I only tend to look at the log files if I know something is wrong...

And most users only tend to look at the -dev and -commits lists after 
they post a -users question there, so they'd be unlikely to know about 
the new keybinding, anyway...  :)

How many of you know what 'k' does?  That's a new one.

For SVN trunk users, how many noticed the new "Save screenshot of 
current video frame" binding (that has no default keylist)?  What about 
"Exit Show without any prompts"?  How many who could use it have mapped 
a keylist to it?  Or "Change Group View"?

In other words, now, we're relying on users to read the 
documentation/discussion on the lists/... to learn of the new 
keybindings they wish to use (the new ones in trunk will likely be 
documented in the release notes for the new 0.21).  My changes would not 
impact that in any way.  They would simply prevent the database from 
getting corrupt data.

In the case of the 'k' keybinding ("Jump to bookmark"), if a user had 
mapped a keybinding to use 'k' in certain contexts, once they upgraded 
to a version after r7097, they would suddenly have had a conflicting 
binding.  I'm simply trying to find a way to prevent that or to get 
confirmation that it's up to the user to check his logs to verify he has 
no conflicting bindings.


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