[mythtv] DVB-C problems - no longer working on Dutch digital cable

Rudy Zijlstra mythtv at grumpydevil.homelinux.org
Mon Apr 23 07:10:59 UTC 2007

Peter Martens wrote:
>> The problem must have started about 1 1/12 month ago.
>> So 0.20-fixes works, SVN trunk of about 2 months ago works, and current
>> SVN does NOT work.
>> Next sunday i will have some time again, and intent to start with fresh
>> SVN of about 2 months ago and then slowly work my way up till i find
>> where it breaks.
>> I am open to suggestions as to:
>> - at which SVN version to start
>> - with which steps to search
>> - things to keep in mind while testing?
>> I suspect change 12619, but could not proof it. I changed my full test
>> system back to 12618 and still had trouble. BUT i do not fully trust
>> that test, partly as i was doing it with a latest DB.... This is why i
>> will start with DB from 0.20-fixes and SVN of about 2 months ago. That
>> way i will upgrade the DB slowly.
> I am running 12908 here without any problems (TvHome Netherlands).
OK, My special build DVB_C test system is not fully at SVN head and 
still working. As soon as i have my full test system back up again 
(master BE needed a new mobo, now i need to get all working together 
again. ivtv on 2.6.21rc7 is throwing some errors... i2c apparently 
changed again. And 2.6.21rcX is the first kernel which supports the 
inbuild ethernet. Sigh. )

Next i will drop all information from the DVB-C from the test database 
and build that fresh. See if that helps.



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