[mythtv] Mythtv Gui

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Sat Apr 21 16:54:45 UTC 2007

On Saturday 21 April 2007 17:13:39 Colin Guthrie wrote:
> It's why I tried hard to word my last few mails so as not to sound like
> moaning/complaining.... hope it worked :)

I also tried not to make my response sound like a personal attack, it wasn't. 
Nor was it aimed at any one person, but anyone in general who has come to the 
mailing list to suggest/demand new features without ever haven't made a 

Even I don't have the time to do everything I want to do or learn to do for 
mythtv. Just imagine though if every user who found a small bug, a little 
niggling problem or even a typo were to take the time to provide a small 
patch. Aside from the problem of swamping the devs(!), it would pretty 
quickly result in a much better user experience for everyone.

I think in the last year I've been the only one to make any contributions to 
the English translations. I'm certainly not the only user from the UK and 
no-one can say it's a difficult or even time consuming job. Even the smallest 
contributions are appreciated, so people should get involved!
Stuart Morgan

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