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Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Sat Apr 21 16:13:39 UTC 2007

Stuart Morgan wrote:
> I think that's the misconception. I've certainly never got the feeling that 
> Isaac or any of the other devs view mythtv as a project which has to 
> be 'sold' to a wider community. We're doing it for ourselves and if other 
> people like it then that is just a bonus.

Yeah I guess. Can't argue with that. It's just a shame as MythTV is IMO
one of the majorly cool things I can play with and just wish more people
could use it, but most non-techies I know will follow the magpie route
and go for the shiny thing before the thing that works well :p

> Writing a patch really isn't that difficult if they're prepared to put some 
> time and effort into it. They don't have to start big, plenty of patches 
> amount to no more than a dozen lines of code. People who supply patches have 
> my respect more than anyone who just talks about what "should" or "must" be 
> done. It's an easy excuse to say they have no knowledge of programming - just 
> this last month or so on IRC I've been pleased to see people with no previous 
> experience taking the time to learn a little of the basics, to look at the 
> existing code and submitting patches to Trac.
> I should point out that there are just as many users, if not more, who program 
> for a living and have never submitted a single patch. They should be ashamed 
> of themselves. :)

Well I've submitted lots of patches in the past, but when I wrote my
previous message, it was really a genuine "I've not got time ATM"
response. Hopefully that will change soon, but already commited to
several other projects at the mo' (inc. Mandriva and Kipi Plugins - hope
to get better MythGallery -> Web Galleries integration at some point).

In terms of expertise, it's the OpenGL stuff I lack the skills in. I do
want to learn it but it's back to that old time issue again.

It's why I tried hard to word my last few mails so as not to sound like
moaning/complaining.... hope it worked :)

Take care



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