[mythtv] Official Thread: Mythtv.org Redesign

Adam Findley adam at cs.byu.edu
Wed Apr 18 20:02:27 UTC 2007

 > The colors are something I intend to finish as soon as possible, and
 > they will be in line with myth's colors. No red or black or anything
 > that myth users wouldn't expect.
Let me first say with some of the right colors (and even without), your 
top navbar greatly improves upon xris's design.

> Presumably, the content in the second navbar is dictated by the page
> active (although I am judging this off xris's design). I don't see any
> reason why a two-column page would be at a loss for space or prove a
> threat to usability, but the second navbar can always be brought back
> down to the left if you prefer.

The only reason why it affects usability, is because there is no way of 
knowing whether or not the second navbar is connected, because the only 
difference is the color.  Also, the advantage of only having a 
horizontal navbar as a banner is it's clear to the user that this is not 
going to change, and they can rely on it. A great example of one that I 
rely on and that stays constant except for one link (AUR) is on 
ArchLinux's site: http://www.archlinux.org/  Notice how there is 
sometimes a secondary navigation bar, but it's clear that you can't 
expect that on every page.

I think you've done a great job coming up with a new idea for displaying 
stuff, and frankly we've got a lot of room on the left that it'd be nice 
to use.  I think I was unclear on this point last time and I think we 
are on the same page here.

Also, with a left bar it's easy to integrate your theme into the wiki, 
documentation and provide a nice unifying theme.


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