[mythtv] ffmpeg sync

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Apr 17 18:58:44 UTC 2007

Janne Grunau wrote:
> On Tuesday 17 April 2007 05:25:56 Bruce Markey wrote:
>> error: a52dec/a52.h: No such file or directory avformatdecoder.cpp:
>> In function 'int encode_frame(bool, unsigned char*, int, short int*,
>> int&)': avformatdecoder.cpp:3501: error: 'a52_syncinfo' was not
>> declared in this scope
> please try attached patch.
> Thanks for testing Bruce.

Thank you for taking this on.

After applying this, the next problem is that "-la52" needs to
be removed from libmythtv.pro . After doing this, the compile
did complete. However:

: bjm at moktoo ; mythbackend
2007-04-17 10:51:55.772 Using runtime prefix = /usr/local
2007-04-17 10:51:55.882 New DB connection, total: 1
2007-04-17 10:51:55.894 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host: moktoo
2007-04-17 10:51:55.909 Current Schema Version: 1187
Starting up as the master server.
2007-04-17 10:51:55.927 New DB connection, total: 2
2007-04-17 10:51:55.929 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host: moktoo
2007-04-17 10:51:55.946 New DB connection, total: 3
2007-04-17 10:51:55.948 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host: moktoo
2007-04-17 10:51:56.018 EITHelper: localtime offset -7:00:00
2007-04-17 10:51:56.028 TVRec(1) Error: V4L card configured on video device /dev/video0,
but MythTV was not compiled with V4L support.

Recompile MythTV with V4L support or remove the card
from the configuration and restart MythTV.

: bjm at moktoo ; ../../MYTHCONF
# Basic Settings
Compile type     release
Compiler cache   yes
DistCC           yes
Install prefix   /usr/local
CPU              x86_32 (model name     : AMD Duron(tm) processor)
big-endian       no
MMX enabled      yes

# Input Support
Joystick menu    yes
lirc support     yes
Apple Remote     no
Video4Linux sup. yes
ivtv support     yes
FireWire support no
DVB support      no [/usr/include]
DBox2 support    no
HDHomeRun sup.   no
IPTV support     no

# Sound Output Support
OSS support      yes
ALSA support     yes
aRts support     no
JACK support     no
DTS passthrough  no

# Video Output Support
x11 support      yes
xrandr support   no
xv support       yes
XvMC support     no
XvMC VLD support no
XvMC pro support no
XvMC OpenGL sup. no
Mac acceleration no
OpenGL vsync     yes
DirectFB         no

# Misc Features
Frontend         yes
Backend          yes

# Bindings
bindings_perl    yes

Creating libs/libmyth/mythconfig.h and libs/libmyth/mythconfig.mak

libs/libmyth/mythconfig.h is unchanged

> ps: I uploaded a new patch include this two minor fixes to 
> http://www.grunau.be/ffmpeg_sync_8742_2.diff.bz2

cabac.h: In function 'get_cabac_noinline':
cabac.h:522: error: PIC register '%ebx' clobbered in 'asm'
cabac.h: In function 'get_cabac':
cabac.h:522: error: PIC register '%ebx' clobbered in 'asm'

As the first fix isn't really a fix yet but also:

: bjm at moktoo ; diff ffmpeg_sync_8742.diff ffmpeg_sync_8742_2.diff
< -    if (dbver == "1187")
< -    {
< -        const QString updates[] = {
< -"UPDATE keybindings SET keylist=REPLACE(keylist, '\\\\\\\\', '\\\\');",
< -"UPDATE keybindings SET keylist=REPLACE(keylist, '\\\\\\\"', '\"');",
< -"UPDATE jumppoints SET keylist=REPLACE(keylist, '\\\\\\\\', '\\\\');",
< -"UPDATE jumppoints SET keylist=REPLACE(keylist, '\\\\\\\"', '\"');",
< -""
< -};
< -        if (!performActualUpdate(updates, "1188", dbver))
< -            return false;
< -    }
< -

Your "a" and "b" trees are no longer at the save SVN rev. It would
be easier to apply a patch generated with "cd b/mythtv; svn di".
Normally patches are applied with "cd mythtv;  patch -p0 < filename"
but for these patches I had to figure out that I needed to be in the
dir above mythtv and use "patch -p1 < filename".

Janne, could you please do the following? Create a patch with
"svn di", check out a clean tree from HEAD, apply your patch
and compile, install in a test env, try bttv, ivtv, DVB, HDTV
or whatever you have access to then post your patch that works
for you to this point.

--  bjm

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