[mythtv] virtual tuner via BitTorrent plug-in

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Apr 16 21:36:08 UTC 2007

Tom Lichti wrote:
> Martin Long wrote:
>> Yes... but the point is, ripping or copying a CD or DVD is NOT illegal
>> unless the CD or DVD is copyrighted material. A photocopier is not illegal,
>> photocopying an entire novel is. A car may do speeds up to 200 miles an
>> hour, but the car itself is not illegal. Rip / copy programs are not
>> illegal, as, like I said, you might want to rip / copy your own personal
>> material (home videos, recordings of your own band etc). Circumventing DRM,
>> however is illegal in the US.
>> However, I suppose that you could also say in the same light that
>> filesharing is not illegal, if it is not copyrighted material. :S
> I can't really comment on the legalities of the arguments, but I do have 
> a scenario: I can (and do) record via MythTV the Fox TV show 24, in HD, 
> using an OTA antenna. I also have MythTV remove the commercials, so when 
> I watch the show, all I see is 24, no commercials, no advertising, etc. 
> Say I miss an episode for whatever reason and I hypothetically download 
> the show and watch it, with the exact same user experience. I suspect my 
> wife would not even notice a difference. How is that illegal? The show 
> is broadcast freely over the air for anyone with the proper equipment to 
> receive it, so if they care to give it away like that, then how can they 
> be upset if I get the same show via alternate methods? I haven't 
> deprived them of advertising eyeballs because I don't ever see them 
> anyway, and I'm not a 'Neilsen' household, so they aren't losing 
> ratings. Some shows allow you to download the episodes from their 
> website, so again, where is the problem exactly? 
> Anyway, I've always wondered about that, I'm sure someone will provide 
> an argument against my hypotheses...
Such is why commercial skip algorithms such as those used by ReplayTV 
were taken to court but I don't ever recall the outcome. 

As the copyright holder, you do pretty much get to say what you can and 
cannot do with your content, no matter what medium you put it out 
there.  Look at the GPL, it clearly defines what you can do with code 
that is broadcast "in the clear" for everyone to see yet open sourcers 
vehemently defend it...


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