[mythtv] virtual tuner via BitTorrent plug-in

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Apr 16 21:31:31 UTC 2007

Martin Long wrote:
> Yes... but the point is, ripping or copying a CD or DVD is NOT illegal
> unless the CD or DVD is copyrighted material. A photocopier is not illegal,
> photocopying an entire novel is. A car may do speeds up to 200 miles an
> hour, but the car itself is not illegal. Rip / copy programs are not
> illegal, as, like I said, you might want to rip / copy your own personal
> material (home videos, recordings of your own band etc). Circumventing DRM,
> however is illegal in the US.
> However, I suppose that you could also say in the same light that
> filesharing is not illegal, if it is not copyrighted material. :S
Yes, but right now, BitTorrent is socially synonymous with pirating.  
Perhaps when more DRM-free or linux compatible DRM products based on 
BitTorrent become available and mainstream then work may be more 
accepted to integrating them into MythTV type products, but until then, 
it smacks of wanting to make it easier to get your copyrighted material 
on your TV...


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