[mythtv] Mythmusic lockup when exiting rip screen with jump point (Main Menu)

Roo roo.watt at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 10:52:15 UTC 2007

On 16/04/07, Nigel Pearson <nigel at ind.tansu.com.au> wrote:
> > I have resync'd with svn trunk (r13224) and I am still experiencing
> > the problem describe below.
> >
> > - After entering the rip cd screen I experience a "lock up" if I
> > exit using the jump point to main menu.
> Hi Roo. I am seeing a similar problem (crash in Rip screen),
> but I thought that was my own fault (Mac OS X porting).
> You thought it was related to [13141], right?
> Have you downgraded to 13140 to verify this?

No, I wasn't sure what changeset may have been the cause.

(Un)fortunately myth is a declared service in our household, it is a bit
hard to schedule the checkout/compile/install without getting in trouble ;)

I will try r13140 when I can.

> Incidentally,  mythbackend --version  returns the following:
> >
> > mythtv at mythtv ~ $ mythbackend --version
> > Library API version     : 0.20.20070327-1
> > Source code version     : Unknown
> This happens when the svnversion command fails
> (see version.pro at the top of the mythtv src tree).
> Usually due to it not being in your path,
> but sometimes if you are building from a tree that
> has errors in its .svn directories, or that has none.

Thanks I will check that out, maybe it was never working, although I'm sure
it was working before.

But then I guess you've heard that before ;)
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