[mythtv] Ticket #3313: Add the ability for imdbpy to get the episode title format from the database

Pekka Jääskeläinen pekka.jaaskelainen at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 05:39:32 UTC 2007

> Firstly, thinking about future expansion, does it make sense to use
> separate classes for MythTV and MythVideo etc.? I think maybe it would be
> does.

You mean in the bindings? To me it might make sense,  depending what those
class are meant to include.  However, maybe specific classes such as
"MythDB" for
connecting to the MythDB would make more sense.

Secondly, does anyone have an opinion on depending on sqlalchemy? It's not
> a major concern for the moment given that there only a couple of functions
> using SQL but I can see it becoming more and more convenient as the
> mythtv.py file expands.

SQLA is quite nice. It could be used if someone decides to expand the Python

bindings, but for the current "bindings" which only fetch a setting from DB
see this as an overkill.

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