[mythtv] Ticket #3313: Add the ability for imdbpy to get the episode title format from the database

Hadley Rich hads at nice.net.nz
Mon Apr 16 06:33:14 UTC 2007

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007 11:44:18 you wrote:
>> Firstly, thinking about future expansion, does it make sense to use
>> separate classes for MythTV and MythVideo etc.? I think maybe it would be
>> does.
> You mean in the bindings? To me it might make sense,  depending what those
> class are meant to include.  However, maybe specific classes such as
> "MythDB" for
> connecting to the MythDB would make more sense.

I was thinking that the functions in find_meta.py deal only with mythvideo, so 
could be put in a MythVideo class. For example; instead of 

MythTV.getVideoMetadata and MythTV.setVideoMetadata we would have 
MythVideo.getMetadata and MythVideo.setMetadata

And eventually could have the same for MythMusic etc. I think that's a fairly 
logical separation.

The sample file I uploaded to the ticket had the main class as MythTV, I guess 
that could be better named as MythDB as it's a connection to the DB rather 
than MythTV itself. This would allow for a MythTV class to be added later to 
handle a connection to the backend etc.

>> Secondly, does anyone have an opinion on depending on sqlalchemy? It's not
>> a major concern for the moment given that there only a couple of functions
>> using SQL but I can see it becoming more and more convenient as the
>> mythtv.py file expands.
> SQLA is quite nice. It could be used if someone decides to expand the Python
> bindings, but for the current "bindings" which only fetch a setting from DB
> I see this as an overkill.

I do agree that it's overkill for the few functions at the moment.

I may go ahead and create a Sqlalchemy model for the myth database anyway when 
I have some time. Then it's done and can more easily be expanded on. It won't 
be difficult using the reflection functionality anyway, which should make it 
flexible of schema changes.



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