[mythtv] MythWeb's MythVideo problems

raptor jr raptorjr at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 15 10:52:00 UTC 2007

First i would like to say how i really like this rewrite. Since nobody wants 
to work with MythVideo inside Myth maybe now it will be possible to get some 
deasent functionality in MythVideo.

But now i have two small problems.
The first is the treeview with all the video folders. It is pretty basic but 
it gets the work done. (would be nice to see it with some expandable 
branches in the future, instead of seeing all folders)
Anyway, i have all my videos in /mnt/multimedia/videos. In my mythwebtree i 
first have "All videos" that shows all my videos independent of which folder 
they are in. And second i have /mnt/multimedia/videos.
This one also shows all videos. Don't know if it should be like that. But it 
would be nice if it only showed the video files that i have in that folder, 
and not all videofiles in all folders. Already have "All videos" for that. 
Is this by design?

My second problem is imdb. In earlier versions i had no problem in getting 
the information from IMDB. But now i don't get the poster. And the only 
thing that updates is the time and IMDB number. The title don't get updated 
until i refresh the whole page.
I'm no php programmer so i don't know what is wrong. But if i do a "echo 
'Warning~:~'.$cmd;" after these two lines:
// save the poster
$cmd = $imdb.str_replace('%%NUMBER%%', $imdbnum, $options[$imdbwebtype]);

i get:

So i had to replace the "$cmd =" with "$cmd = "$imdb -P $imdbnum";" to get 
the poster. I know this isn't a good solution, but it works for now for me.
How to get the title to update with out a page refresh i don't know. Bit 
since time, imdb-number and poster(after my hack) get updated without a page 
refresh i guess it is possible to throw in the title also.


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