[mythtv] 'Never Record' button and Subtitle then Desc method

Martin Long mythtv at longhome.co.uk
Tue Apr 3 22:22:06 UTC 2007

No... this one threw me at first, but look closely - kDupCheckSubDesc will
actually satisfy 2 of the conditions. It satisfies BOTH these conditions: 

	(dupmethod & kDupCheckSub) && subtitle != "" 
      (dupmethod & kDupCheckDesc) && description != ""

Note the bitwise & -  kDupCheckSub is 2, kDupCheckDesc is 4 so
kDupCheckSubDesc, being 6 actually satisfies BOTH of the bitwise AND
conditions. Clever trick that!

So, yeah, the change you suggested should work. I've provided a patch anyway
- tested and working.

I'll go and attach it to the ticket now. 

Thanks for pointing it out!



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The 'Never Record' button isn't displayed for upcoming recordings which use 
the kDupCheckSubThenDesc method. Now I can easily add the following which I 
reckon would fix the problem, but I must be missing something.

((dupmethod & kDupCheckSubThenDesc) && (subtitle != "" || 
description != "")) ||

With the kDupCheckSubDesc method the button is shown even though it seems it

should fail all the tests. (The programid is empty and the category_type is 

Stuart Morgan
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