[mythtv] [13168] and [13170] Reducing reschedules

Gnome42 gnome42 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 15:52:47 UTC 2007


I encounter the bug this changeset is trying to fix so it is great to
see a solution but, IMVHO it would also be nice to minimize the
reschedules, especially right around record start/end time since it is
already a very busy time.

Might it be possible to only cause this reschedule to occur if
!livetv  and  maxepisodes is in use? And possibly a delay before the
schedule so that it doesn't happen right at start/end time?

I noticed the UsesMaxEpisodes() function that seems like it could be
handy here. eg.

    if (recgroup != "LiveTV" && UsesMaxEpisodes())

And 'maxnewest' could be incorporated into UsesMaxEpisodes() as well if needed.



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