[mythtv] Fast Forward broken and shows not flagged

Maduser Maduser at gmx.de
Sun Apr 1 13:03:02 UTC 2007

I have the same Problem since some time. I run a Gentoo system, too. But 
I have Back- and Frontend on one PC.

Kernel: 2.6.19-r5
mythtv: 0.20_p12172 from gentoo portage.
TV-Card: one saa7134 based Card and one Nova-T

Poobah wrote:
> Recently, shows on my Myth system have begun to be recorded such that 
> I can’t fast forward faster than 3x, can’t rewind at all, and 
> commercial skipping indicates that they are not flagged. I have a 
> separate frontend / backend setup, and older shows work fine (doesn’t 
> seem to be the frontend machine or any playback settings). This 
> started about 3 weeks ago, without any changes that I’m aware of on 
> the backend.
> When I try to fast forward at 5x or faster, sound begins to be played. 
> It skips and doesn’t actually get anywhere. The sound isn’t any faster 
> than normal.
> When shows record, they get flagged, and the number of breaks show up 
> in the logs. However, when I push the channel skip button, the 
> frontend displays “Not Flagged”
> I have updated/rebuilt the kernel on the backend and updated ivtv. 
> I’ve also rebuilt the mythbackend from the source. I’m using Gentoo as 
> the base, but built Myth manually from the source.
> Backend - 1.8GHz Gentoo Kernel 2.6.19 with (2) PVR-250 tuners running 
> MythTV 0.20.20060828-3
> Frontend – 2.4GHz Shuttle booting from NFS running MythTV compiled 
> from the same source files
> Thanks
> Mark Hanson

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