[mythtv] Fast Forward broken and shows not flagged

Poobah poobah at techsquadron.com
Sun Apr 1 00:48:55 UTC 2007

Recently, shows on my Myth system have begun to be recorded such that I
can't fast forward faster than 3x, can't rewind at all, and commercial
skipping indicates that they are not flagged.  I have a separate
frontend / backend setup, and older shows work fine (doesn't seem to be
the frontend machine or any playback settings).  This started about 3
weeks ago, without any changes that I'm aware of on the backend.


When I try to fast forward at 5x or faster, sound begins to be played.
It skips and doesn't actually get anywhere.  The sound isn't any faster
than normal.


When shows record, they get flagged, and the number of breaks show up in
the logs.  However, when I push the channel skip button, the frontend
displays "Not Flagged"


I have updated/rebuilt the kernel on the backend and updated ivtv.  I've
also rebuilt the mythbackend from the source.  I'm using Gentoo as the
base, but built Myth manually from the source.


Backend  - 1.8GHz Gentoo Kernel 2.6.19 with (2) PVR-250 tuners running
MythTV 0.20.20060828-3

Frontend - 2.4GHz Shuttle booting from NFS running MythTV compiled from
the same source files



Mark Hanson

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