[mythtv] Problems with channel scanning (DVB-C, PAL, Finland)

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Fri Sep 22 22:49:26 UTC 2006


Enhancing my last mail:

> "w_scan -f c >channels.conf.w_scan". If that does not work, I heard you 
> can also find out the missing ids with dvbsnoop, but I have not tested 

This is the dvbsnoop way:
Tune to a channel and then:
dvbsnoop -n 2 -nph 0x10 >dvbsnoop.txt

In dvbsnoop.txt, you can look after the frequency and find transportid 
and networkid for that frequency just a few lines above in the same text 
block, for example:

     Transport_stream_ID: 1079 (0x0437)
     Original_network_ID: 1 (0x0001)  [= Astra Satellite Network 19,2°E 
| Société Européenne des Satellites]
     reserved_1: 15 (0x0f)
     Transport_descriptor_length: 13 (0x000d)

             DVB-DescriptorTag: 68 (0x44)  [= 
             Descriptor_length: 11 (0x0b)
             Frequency: 54919168 (= 346.0000 MHz)
             FEC_outer: 2 (0x02)  [= RS(204/188)]
             reserved_1: 4095 (0xfff)
             Modulation (Cable): 3 (0x03)  [= 64 QAM]
               Symbol_rate: 430080 (=    6.9000)
             FEC_inner: 15 (0x0f)  [= No conv. coding]

Multiplex is 346 MHz, transportid is 1079, networkid is 1.


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