[mythtv] Problems with channel scanning (DVB-C, PAL, Finland)

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Fri Sep 22 22:14:08 UTC 2006


Peter Martens wrote:
>> Yes, I did that. You can use w_scan to get the full data and then input
>> the missing transportid and networkid into the dtv_multiplex table.
>> Since mythtv-setup does not let you do that, you have to use for example
>> mysql command prompt or phpMyAdmin to do that.
>> For example, this is from w_scan:
>> ZDF:346000:M64:C:6900:110:120,121;125:130:0:28006:1:1079:0
>> transportid = 1079
>> networkid = 1
>> After you did that for each multiplex, you have to enable EIT scanning
>> for the Video Source and for each channel.
> I cannot find transportid nor networkid in the channel table, they are

As I wrote, they are in the dtv_multiplex table. ;-)

> however in the dtv_multiplex table. Can you give me some more details
> on how and were to put those values.

Are you familiar with mysql and sql in general? If not, you could 
install phpMyAdmin, as I wrote.

To be precise:
Download the w_scan tool and run it like this:
"w_scan -f c >channels.conf.w_scan". If that does not work, I heard you 
can also find out the missing ids with dvbsnoop, but I have not tested 
that, yet.
If you ran w_scan, then take for each multiplex the ids and put them 
with mysql or phpMyAdmin into the dtv_multiplex table.

w_scan will for example output something like this:

2nd parameter (346000) is the multiplex (in MythTV, it is multiplied by 
1000, so it's 346000000). This is the row in dtv_multiplex, that you 
will modify.

11th parameter (1) is the networkid

12th parameter (1079) is the transportid


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