[mythtv] Problems with channel scanning (DVB-C, PAL, Finland)

Ilja Jetsu ilja.jetsu at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 06:15:22 UTC 2006

On 20/09/06, Thomas Börkel <thomas at boerkel.de> wrote:
> Yes, I did that. You can use w_scan to get the full data and then input
> the missing transportid and networkid into the dtv_multiplex table.
> Since mythtv-setup does not let you do that, you have to use for example
> mysql command prompt or phpMyAdmin to do that.
> For example, this is from w_scan:
> ZDF:346000:M64:C:6900:110:120,121;125:130:0:28006:1:1079:0
> transportid = 1079
> networkid = 1
> After you did that for each multiplex, you have to enable EIT scanning
> for the Video Source and for each channel.

Can someone give some guidance on usage of w_scan. I downloaded most
recent version, and while trying to do the scan i get following


[root@****** w_scan-20060903]# ./w_scan -f c
w_scan version 20060902
Info: using DVB adapter auto detection.
   Found DVB-C frontend. Using adapter /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0
-_-_-_-_ Getting frontend capabilities-_-_-_-_
frontend VLSI VES1820 DVB-C supports
QAM_AUTO not supported, trying QAM_64 and QAM_256.


... (and the scan finds nothing)....
that was actually something that I was expecting, cause QAM should be
128, but i have not seen a switch that would give possibility to
adjust/set that.


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