[mythtv] XvMC VLD extension

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 00:33:36 UTC 2006

> Nevermind -- I found it, it's called throughout the libavcodec
> library.  Has anyone else experienced good sound with no video on the
> mythtv-vid branch with a Via CN400?  Is there anything I can do to
> help find this problem?
> mike
> _______________________________________________

I thought the same thing, but if it's getting called, I'm at a loss.
I attached what logs I thought were pertinent to this ticket:

I'm no good at coding anything, but I'm a power user/admin so I can
help pretty good with decent troubleshooting (I think anyway ;) ).  So
I file bug reports with my logs and cross my fingers, not much else I
can do...

Just an FYI:
Same thing is happening to me.  Blank screen, smooth audio with the
VID branch on 1080i content using very new SVN openchrome drivers on a
CN400 (SP13000 as well as Commell 667-T).  720p stutters far too much
to be watchable either, but I'm holding out, choosing which 'bugs' to
file, 1 bug-per-project at a time preferably ;)


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