[mythtv] Sorting in mythvideo

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Sep 16 20:21:55 UTC 2006

On 09/16/06 16:01, Alexander Gretencord wrote:

>I have a small problem with mythvideo's sorting. I found the method 
>eatBraces() in metadata.cpp. Is it absolutely necessary to remove braces 
>or if it just cosmetic?
>All my old movies (the ones I have from before installing myth) are 
>named like "[season-episode] TitleOfSeries - TitleOfEpisode". I would 
>really like to be able to watch episode 09-04 without knowing the name 
>of the episode :) Especially very handy if you are not living alone and 
>someone else is adding new episodes and you want to find the new episode 
>quickly (impossible with eatBraces, you have to go through _all_ the 
>episodes and look at the filename).
>I guess the []-removal is fine, if you have a relatively unsorted 
>movie/series collection but for me it's a real pain :) For now I just 
>recompiled mythvideo without calling eatBraces('[', ']'). Does anyone 
>have a suggestion on how to best resolve this issue without disturbing 
>anyone that counts on myth removing braces? Or is it best to just store 
>the patch somewhere safe and reapply on new versions of myth?

It was put in place to allow the /default/ name chosen for a video to be 
created without "extraneous" information.  For example, if you've broken 
a show into multiple CD-sized chunks, you should name videos 
"Showname_[cd1].avi" or something.

Note, also, that I said, the default name.  You can edit this name in 
MythVideo's metadata editor.  If you don't want to edit all the names, 
you could use a simple script to rename all your files to use some other 
separator (such as a dash or underscore) or you can patch your local 
version of MythVideo.


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