[mythtv] Sorting in mythvideo

Alexander Gretencord arutha at gmx.de
Sat Sep 16 20:01:09 UTC 2006


I have a small problem with mythvideo's sorting. I found the method 
eatBraces() in metadata.cpp. Is it absolutely necessary to remove braces 
or if it just cosmetic?

All my old movies (the ones I have from before installing myth) are 
named like "[season-episode] TitleOfSeries - TitleOfEpisode". I would 
really like to be able to watch episode 09-04 without knowing the name 
of the episode :) Especially very handy if you are not living alone and 
someone else is adding new episodes and you want to find the new episode 
quickly (impossible with eatBraces, you have to go through _all_ the 
episodes and look at the filename).

I guess the []-removal is fine, if you have a relatively unsorted 
movie/series collection but for me it's a real pain :) For now I just 
recompiled mythvideo without calling eatBraces('[', ']'). Does anyone 
have a suggestion on how to best resolve this issue without disturbing 
anyone that counts on myth removing braces? Or is it best to just store 
the patch somewhere safe and reapply on new versions of myth?


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