[mythtv] MacOS X MMX yuv420_2vuy Patch

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Wed Sep 6 21:54:52 UTC 2006

> I'm no longer seeing a crash but I'm seeing a problem on startup or a
> channel change with HDTV.
> The live TV freezes and I get a constant "NVP: Timed out waiting for
> free video buffers."

	Todd and Paul are. Paul's tests seem to indicate
some strange problem in the MMX function itself? See:

	Mino, you mentioned some sort of harness that you used
to test the MMX code. If it is standalone, could you please
send me a copy?

	Otherwise, is there any chance of getting you to check
for buffer overruns in the function? Having some dummy data
(say a few hundred bytes of 0xF00F0FF0) either side of both
the source and destination buffers should be enough to show
any errant writes.

	And if any of you could provide -v playback output that
shows the problem, it may help us.

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