[mythtv] Watch Recordings is slow with SVN on my Epia [Solved]

Kristian Kalweit kalweit at exorpro.de
Wed Sep 6 13:47:58 UTC 2006

Paul Andreassen schrieb:
> On Wed, 6 Sep 2006 09:37 pm, Daan de Beer wrote:
> A few years ago I tried compiling with -Os for my epia M10000 and found the 
> performance to be very poor.  Now I compile with -O3 for all my machines.  As 
> far as I'm concerned -Os is pretty useless and should come with a big fat 
> warning.
> The problem with the xorg-server is probably due to the developers using -O2 
> and not testing it with -Os.  It also could be a problem with the compiler
I thought myth is also using -Os for epias if you using --enable-proc-opt.


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