[mythtv] need tone to make diseqc switch work ???

Simeon Simeonov simeonov_2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 1 02:39:08 UTC 2006

--- Yeasah Pell <yeasah at schwide.com> wrote:

> That one is really interesting to be sure. You're
> supposed to turn off 
> tone before doing diseqc (if it's on), to give a
> silence period between 
> the continuous tone and the diseqc tone modulation.
> (Some cards/drivers 
> do this automatically though) If you are using a
> universal LNB and the 
> last tuning you did was for the high band, the tone
> will indeed be on at 
> that time, so by not turning it off you're violating
> the diseqc spec. 
> But hey, if it works. Maybe you should turn the tone
> *on* there instead 

I did try that and indeed it helped - 80 % of the time
I get the switch to work. I do not understand that. My
rotor works in any case whether I set the tone on or
off. But the switch would need tone on??? to perform
the switch. To make things more interesting I tried 3
different switches and one of them is Spaun switch.

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