[mythtv] Problem tuning to channel after 6pm with 0.20 cont.

Neil Murphy neil at osier-farm.org.uk
Thu Oct 5 10:50:21 UTC 2006


Just to say Simon isn't the only one having trouble with channel-4 after 
6.00pm with mythtv-0.20.

To summarize:

Nova-T DVB tuner.

Tried 0.20 release and 0.20-SVN.

Attempts to watch live channel-4 after 6pm results in a black screen. 
Often "killall mythfrontend" is the only way to recover.

Same happens when attempting to watch recordings of channel-4. (Even the 
preview window in the recording manager can cause a lock-up!)

Mplayer will play the problematic recordings O.K.

I believe the problem is related to the "selectedVideoIndex" stuff in 
"avformatdecoder" used to skip extra video streams. (Channel-4 seems to 
start 2nd and 3rd streams at 6.00pm as someone mentioned earlier.) I've 
tried reverting this code to 0.19 with some success but broke other stuff.

Needs someone who knows what they're doing to sort it out :)


P.S. Sorry this is off-thread. Don't know how to reply to messages sent 
before I subscribed.

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