[mythtv] DVBScan problem

Janne Grunau janne-mythtv at grunau.be
Tue Nov 7 09:30:43 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 07 November 2006 09:45, Henk Schoneveld wrote:
> Hi all,
> SVN from Saturday, have DVBS with switch and 2 LNB's on Astra 19.2
> and Astra 28.2. Added channels by scanning. When I start scanning by
> giving freq. Myth only scans 1 transponder each time.

It scans only one transponder for channels, but should also add all 
Transponders from the NIT to the database. So you don't have to scan 
each transponder individually but you can simply "Scan all known 
transports" after the first "Full scan (tuned)". You might have to 
repeat the all known transports scan. I'm not sure if the NIT on Astra 
is on all transponders complete, i.e. contains all transponders.

> Beside this 
> everything  from the first transponder works, channels on the second
> transponder give LMn, partial lock. I removed some channels from the
> second transponder and added the same channels from a channels.conf
> file and then they work, except for EIT scanning.

EIT from channels.conf import can't work since the original network id 
and transport stream id are missing in the main channels.conf format.

> Attached a file with 2 times the same channel, first from
> channels.conf second from mythscan.

The interesting information is missing in that file, the multiplexes 
from dtv_multiplex for this two channels.

Janne Grunau

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