[mythtv] Backend crash in mpegts.c

Otto Kolsi otto at kolsi.fi
Sat May 27 18:52:01 UTC 2006

I managed to get repeatable backend crash with particular recording. 
Crash occurred when preview image was created for mythweb. I thought 
this was a nice place to learn more about debugging with gdb.

I discovered that crash occurred in mpegts.c in write_section_data(). 
What happened was that call to the tss->section_cb() somehow invalidated 
tss->section_buf so that it became null. Then the crash happened couple 
of lines later when tss->section_buf is used in memmove(). I tried to 
check out what happened in the section_cb() but didn't find out anything 
special (lack of skills).

Just thought to share this.. if it should be taken into account that the 
buffer can get corrupted during that particular call?

Due to an "accident" I lost the recording and cannot debug any further 
:( But I did go through it 5-10 times with the gdb and always with same 

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