[mythtv] Backend crash in mpegts.c

Mark Buechler mark.buechler at gmail.com
Sat May 27 21:14:21 UTC 2006

This sounds identicle to a problem I've had which is caused by DVB radio and
any SVN post 0.19-fixes. A had Daniel helped me with was to change the dummy
video PID to 0x200 and create a new dummy ts file to use for radio. I don't
think that will work for you though considering your problem isn't DVB radio

- Mark.

On 5/27/06, Otto Kolsi <otto at kolsi.fi> wrote:
> I managed to get repeatable backend crash with particular recording.
> Crash occurred when preview image was created for mythweb. I thought
> this was a nice place to learn more about debugging with gdb.
> I discovered that crash occurred in mpegts.c in write_section_data().
> What happened was that call to the tss->section_cb() somehow invalidated
> tss->section_buf so that it became null. Then the crash happened couple
> of lines later when tss->section_buf is used in memmove(). I tried to
> check out what happened in the section_cb() but didn't find out anything
> special (lack of skills).
> Just thought to share this.. if it should be taken into account that the
> buffer can get corrupted during that particular call?
> Due to an "accident" I lost the recording and cannot debug any further
> :( But I did go through it 5-10 times with the gdb and always with same
> results.
> --
>    Otto
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