[mythtv] diseqc

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Fri May 26 15:35:21 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-05-26 at 11:21 -0400, Yeasah Pell wrote:
> Two other things I haven't yet implemented, but are worth thinking about:
> 1) My friend Steve suggested that it would be better if the backend knew 
> about the last position it set motors to in a persistent fashion, i.e. 
I don't think this is really worth it, you have to wait anyway because
some other application might have changed the position.

> 2) Since some diseqc motors go considerably faster at 18V, it would be 
> great if the thing could keep the LNB voltage at 18V artificially until 
> the completion of the move (50% chance it's the wrong LNB polarity, but 
> the dish isn't pointed correctly yet anyway so that shouldn't matter) -- 
> this is easy but would depend on getting regular calls from some other 
> piece of code (the signal monitor I assume) at least until the reported 
> percent completed was at 100%, at which point it could switch the LNB 
> voltage back to what it ought to be as required.
> I assume the signal monitor is going to want to be querying the 
> percentage complete anyway, but we would need to make sure that this is 
> something that would happen in all use cases. (The other alternative 
> would be to create a thread to manage the voltage, but I really don't 
> think that warrants its own thread.)

I think this is reasonable. The signal monitor seems like a reasonable
place for this as well.

-- Daniel

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