[mythtv] diseqc

Yeasah Pell yeasah at schwide.com
Fri May 26 15:21:46 UTC 2006

Two other things I haven't yet implemented, but are worth thinking about:

1) My friend Steve suggested that it would be better if the backend knew 
about the last position it set motors to in a persistent fashion, i.e. 
stored in the db so that if you stop the backend or reboot the box or 
whatever, it doesn't have to guess at the last motor azimuth. I'd still 
have it send the probably-redundant move command anyway (since it could 
have possibly been changed by another application or manually at the 
motor itself), but it seems like a good enhancement. Basically it'd 
amount to adding another field to the diseqctree class where the last 
motor azimuth was stored, and it would be updated on every move command.

2) Since some diseqc motors go considerably faster at 18V, it would be 
great if the thing could keep the LNB voltage at 18V artificially until 
the completion of the move (50% chance it's the wrong LNB polarity, but 
the dish isn't pointed correctly yet anyway so that shouldn't matter) -- 
this is easy but would depend on getting regular calls from some other 
piece of code (the signal monitor I assume) at least until the reported 
percent completed was at 100%, at which point it could switch the LNB 
voltage back to what it ought to be as required.

I assume the signal monitor is going to want to be querying the 
percentage complete anyway, but we would need to make sure that this is 
something that would happen in all use cases. (The other alternative 
would be to create a thread to manage the voltage, but I really don't 
think that warrants its own thread.)

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