[mythtv] HD3000: Could not get card info for card #0!

Mark Paulus mark.paulus at verizonbusiness.com
Wed May 17 13:39:26 UTC 2006

David Cain wrote:
> Mark Paulus wrote:
> I have been doing this for a while, now. What I have done is
> apt-get source mythtv.
> this brings down the source packages that Christian sets up.
> Then I have to modify mythtv-0.19/debian/rules to point to my
> linux-headers-2.6.16-1-k7.
> I also have to modify settings.pro and add
> QMAKE_PROJECT_DEPTH > This was in a dpatch file in 0.18, and somewhere/someway it got dropped
> from 0.19. I have asked Christian about it, but he has not responded.
> Without that line, I get failures on setup.xml, and stuff strewn around
> in wierd directories on my box.
> I do a 'dch -i' to increment the versions, and to put in some comments,
> so I remember the next time what I had to do.
> Once I do those, I can issue a
> debuild
> and wait for failures. If you get dependency problems, just apt-get the
> development libraries/files that you need.
> Once the debuild is successful, you can dpkg -i all the debs you just
> built and you should be able to see your HD3000 card.
> I do not believe it's an issue with Christian's build system. Remember,
> Debian stable/sarge is on 2.6.8-3 kernel, and apparently the v4l/dvb
> modules have changed in the later kernels, so Christian's stuff does not
> have the changes required for the later kernels. The only way to get
> that as of right now is to build the packages for yourself.
> Well, here's where I am:
> 1. got most of the packaging tools together (haven't built this way 
> before - thanks for the good advice!)
> 2. tried compiling with dvb-path set to the directory with the 
> frontend.h file that came with dvb-apps (which compiles, works as far as 
> azap, atscscan are concerned). No joy - lots of work goes on, but the 
> compiler segfaults. Yep, that's what it says.
> 3. put dvb-path back to /usr/include, tried again, noticed this time a 
> note about "DVB API Version nnnn. ATSC over DVB will not be supported". 
> Compiler segfaults again.
> So it looks like my two current problems are:
> 1. why does the compiler segfault? (can find logs of the segfault 
> itself, not sure where to look for a log of the events leading up to it 
> - I suppose I can just direct compiler output to a file, but it doesn't 
> tell me much I can use onscreen).
> 2. if the APIs are out of sync, how do I remedy that? Is it just a 
> matter of pointing dvb-path to the right headers, or do I need to 
> recompile the kernel (which seems to grab ATSC over DVB just fine if I 
> tune with azap and grab files from /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0/ et al)? 
> Should (do?) the proper ATSC headers come with the MythTV source?
> Thanks for everyone's help so far...
> DC
> -- 

Which compiler are you using?  Since I'm running debian stable, I'm 
using g++ 3.3.5 (Debian 1:3.3.5-13).  Maybe you can install 3.3.5, or 
update your alternatives to use 3.3.5, or update debian/rules to run 
configure to point to 3.3.5?

I have 3 boxes in my basement, so I setup distcc on all 3, so the 2 
changes I have made to debian/rules are:
--- debian/rules        2006-05-17 07:34:26.000000000 -0600
+++ ../mythtv-0.19-mine/debian/rules    2006-05-10 14:39:59.000000000 -0600
@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
  include /usr/share/dpatch/dpatch.make

@@ -29,8 +30,8 @@

         ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-lirc --enable-audio-alsa \
-       --enable-dvb --enable-audio-oss --enable-audio-jack 
-       --enable-opengl-vsync --enable-dvb --dvb-path=/usr/include 
+       --enable-audio-oss --enable-audio-jack --enable-audio-arts \
+       --enable-opengl-vsync --enable-dvb 
--dvb-path=/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.16-1-k7/include --enable-ivtv \
         --enable-firewire --enable-joystick-menu --enable-dvb-eit \
         --enable-proc-opt --compile-typeŞbug $(CONFIGURE_OPTS)

Can you compile other stuff?  I'd say that somehow you whacked your 
compiler, and that's pretty nasty.  Perhaps a reinstall of your compiler 
is in order also.

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