[mythtv] HD3000: Could not get card info for card #0!

David Cain sblkMythDev at jimmiedave.com
Wed May 17 03:12:28 UTC 2006

Mark Paulus wrote:

I have been doing this for a while, now. What I have done is
apt-get source mythtv.

this brings down the source packages that Christian sets up.
Then I have to modify mythtv-0.19/debian/rules to point to my
I also have to modify settings.pro and add
QMAKE_PROJECT_DEPTH This was in a dpatch file in 0.18, and somewhere/someway it got dropped
from 0.19. I have asked Christian about it, but he has not responded.
Without that line, I get failures on setup.xml, and stuff strewn around
in wierd directories on my box.
I do a 'dch -i' to increment the versions, and to put in some comments,
so I remember the next time what I had to do.

Once I do those, I can issue a
and wait for failures. If you get dependency problems, just apt-get the
development libraries/files that you need.

Once the debuild is successful, you can dpkg -i all the debs you just
built and you should be able to see your HD3000 card.

I do not believe it's an issue with Christian's build system. Remember,
Debian stable/sarge is on 2.6.8-3 kernel, and apparently the v4l/dvb
modules have changed in the later kernels, so Christian's stuff does not
have the changes required for the later kernels. The only way to get
that as of right now is to build the packages for yourself.

Well, here's where I am:

1. got most of the packaging tools together (haven't built this way before
- thanks for the good advice!)

2. tried compiling with dvb-path set to the directory with the frontend.h
file that came with dvb-apps (which compiles, works as far as azap,
atscscan are concerned). No joy - lots of work goes on, but the compiler
segfaults. Yep, that's what it says.

3. put dvb-path back to /usr/include, tried again, noticed this time a note
about "DVB API Version nnnn. ATSC over DVB will not be supported". Compiler
segfaults again.

So it looks like my two current problems are:

1. why does the compiler segfault? (can find logs of the segfault itself,
not sure where to look for a log of the events leading up to it - I suppose
I can just direct compiler output to a file, but it doesn't tell me much I
can use onscreen).

2. if the APIs are out of sync, how do I remedy that? Is it just a matter
of pointing dvb-path to the right headers, or do I need to recompile the
kernel (which seems to grab ATSC over DVB just fine if I tune with azap and
grab files from /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0/ et al)? Should (do?) the proper
ATSC headers come with the MythTV source?

Thanks for everyone's help so far...


             =  E  C  N  A  L  U  B  M  A  =


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