[mythtv] IP network recorder with H264 support

Jean-Michel Bouffard jean-michel.bouffard at crc.ca
Tue May 16 19:33:47 UTC 2006

Mark Kendall wrote:

> After installing these two patches, it is possible to record streamed
>     MPEG2-TS over UDP/IP encoded in MPEG1/2/4 or H.264. We have used VLC
>     0.8.5 ( www.videolan.org <http://www.videolan.org>) to test these
>     functionnalities.
>     Comments are welcome,
> Working very well here using vlc as the source. I've not tried 
> transcoding to h.264 with vlc but  using it to stream an h.264 ts file 
> (from a previous h.264 ts discussion on this list), the frontend can 
> now play it whereas previously it failed - so definite progress:)
> No success with BBC hidef h.264 ts files from dvb-t or dvb-s (which 
> launched today).
> Regards
> Mark
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Since I'm in Canada, it is difficult for me to have access to broadcast 
H.264 content. Do you think it would be possible for you to send me some 
of these TS files? I'd like to have the h264 TS that worked (and what is 
the source of that file?) and some of these new hidef h.264 ts files 
from dvb-t/s. This could help us to improve the patch so it can work 
with hidef.

Please send me a personnal email (my address is in the signature bellow) 
and I will send you the information of a ftp server you can use to 
upload the files.

Thank you

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