[mythtv] IP network recorder with H264 support

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Mon May 8 22:03:03 UTC 2006

After installing these two patches, it is possible to record streamed

> MPEG2-TS over UDP/IP encoded in MPEG1/2/4 or H.264. We have used VLC
> 0.8.5 (www.videolan.org) to test these functionnalities.
> Comments are welcome,
Working very well here using vlc as the source. I've not tried transcoding
to h.264 with vlc but  using it to stream an h.264 ts file (from a previous
h.264 ts discussion on this list), the frontend can now play it whereas
previously it failed - so definite progress:)

No success with BBC hidef h.264 ts files from dvb-t or dvb-s (which launched


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