[mythtv] HD3000: Could not get card info for card #0!

Mark Paulus mark.paulus at verizonbusiness.com
Mon May 15 14:55:42 UTC 2006

Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-05-13 at 00:23 -0400, David Cain wrote:
>> Sorry for having to ask this on the Dev list, but I've tried 
>> MythTV-User twice, searched the archives and the web and don't have any 
>> answers. Have been stalled at this point for about a month and thought 
>> you folks might recognize these symptoms.
>> I note that I couldn't compile some of the dvb-tools in an earlier 
>> attempt - they too said something about frontend (and 'FE_ATSC' - 
>> "FrontEnd"?) Anyone got any ideas here?
> This is probably the culprit, my guess is that if you run
>  locate frontend.h | grep dvb
> it will return more than one set of headers, probably one
> in /usr/include/linux/dvb, and another in your kernel.
> MythTV uses the one in /usr/include, unless you tell it
> otherwise in ./configure with the "--dvb-path=" directive.
> In your case I'm betting the headers in /usr/include don't
> include support for ATSC. There are two options, upgrade
> your system so that the headers in /usr/include are up to
> date, or point --dvb-path to the kernel's include directory,
> but this may or may not work (which is why there is a
> cleaned up, multi-kernel compatible copy in /usr/include).

Having just gone through this with an air2pc card, I can say that it is 
infact the issue.  The other small caveat I ran into, using a 2.6.16-1 
kernel provided by backports.org on a sarge system, is that some stuff 
has changed in input.h.  They have changed some types in there from 
'unsigned long' to kernel_ulong_t, and somewhere along the line, 
BITS_PER_LONG also got moved.  Or, at least, my compiles using the 
linux-headers-2.6.16-1-k7 get these 2 errors.  I had to modify my 
linux-headers to get it to compile.  Once I did that, I get good 
compiles, and I can now see my air2pc card.

Getting the output to work with my Hauppauge MVPMC box, now that's 
another story.......................

> -- Daniel
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