[mythtv] Hot keys for MCE2 Remotes

OpenMedia Support support at openmedia.co.nz
Fri May 5 09:37:22 UTC 2006

We have been supplying our customers with standard MCE2 remotes and they
wanted all of the additional hot keys enabling, like "My Music", "My
Pictures" and "Guide" etc.

Now whilst the meaning of these can be somewhat subjective, I've use the
jump system to map some custom key combinations for these features, and
then map them onto the remote with lirc.

Now what I'm proposing is a set of standard accelerators for these
particular features, and then it is relatively simple to program remote
hot keys. Any standard MythTV install would have these particular
accelerators pre-defined.

A sample set can be found in the support pages of our website at

So do you think this could be of use?


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