[mythtv] Hot keys for MCE2 Remotes

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sat May 6 11:17:21 UTC 2006

> We have been supplying our customers with standard MCE2 remotes and they
> wanted all of the additional hot keys enabling, like "My Music", "My
> Pictures" and "Guide" etc.
> Now whilst the meaning of these can be somewhat subjective, I've use the
> jump system to map some custom key combinations for these features, and
> then map them onto the remote with lirc.
> Now what I'm proposing is a set of standard accelerators for these
> particular features, and then it is relatively simple to program remote
> hot keys. Any standard MythTV install would have these particular
> accelerators pre-defined.
> A sample set can be found in the support pages of our website at
> http://openmedia.co.nz/openmedia/content/view/27/59/
> So do you think this could be of use?
> Steve

Can you publish the lircrc codes that link to the keyboard bindings please?

Note that here in NZ, the retail MCE remote that comes with the Hauppagge
cards is a bit different to most other countries. Also, the 'Enter' and
'Cancel' keys don't appear on most pvr150 remotes so the lircd file for
the mce2 driver presumably has a couple of extra extries as well to the
one on the lirc website.


Robin Gilks

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